Ball Valve – KHD-SGF

Lightweight yet rugged segment ball valves are suitable in harsh environment for both on-off and control applications. Widely used in pulp and paper, chemical, and petrochemical services.

Segment ball valves are also known as V-port ball valves.
The ball valve core is designed with a special V shape notch.
This contributes to strong shear force and precise flow control.

Common are wafer type segmented ball valves and flanged type segmented ball valves.
Flanged ball valves provide effective control of oil and gas operations.
Their characteristic feature is the flanged ends that are bolted to the oil and gas piping.
A wafer-type ball valve is defined as a flangeless design.
Wafer-type ball valves feature a hinged, flap-like disk (the wafer) that is used to allow and restrict liquid flow.

In general, soft seats are made of thermoplastic materials such as PTFE.
They are ideal for applications where chemical compatibility is important and where the tightest possible seal is essential.
However, soft seats are not recommended for dirty or abrasive process fluids.
Soft seats can break under these conditions, causing leaks in the valve.

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KHD-SGF ball valve
ISO direct-mount / ISO regular-mount

A direct mounting flange according to ISO 5211 is standard for these ball valves.
This feature allows an actuator to be mounted without the need for a mounting bracket and drive adapter.
This results in a significant cost reduction, a compact automated unit, and a higher level of safety for operators.

The ISO regular-mounting pad accepts direct mounting of pneumatic and electric actuators.
ISO 5211 is a European standard that specifies requirements for the attachment of part-turn actuators, with or without gearboxes, to industrial valves.

Segmented ball valve flange type
DIN PN 16, 1" - 16" (DN25 ~ DN400)

Segmented ball valve wafer type
DIN PN 16, 1" - 10" (DN25 ~ DN250)

Segmented ball valve flange type
ANSI CLASS 150, 1" - 16" (DN25 ~ DN400)

Segmented ball valve waer type
ANSI CLASS 150, 1" - 10" (DN25 ~ DN250)


  • V-notch provides equal percentage flow control
  • Uni-body prevents external leakage
  • Durable metal seat, or PTFE soft seat depending on application
  • ISO 5211 Mounting pad for easy automation
  • Extremely low actuator torque
  • Option available with alternate trim for high temperature use


  • Flange dimensions acc. to EN1092-1, ASME B16.5
  • Face to face dimension acc. to ISA S 75.01-1985
  • Test & inspect acc. to ISO 5208

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