Ball Valve – KHD-FSB2D

With precision-machined fire safe lip and grahite sealing, these API 607, ISO 10497 Fire Safe approved ball valves offer increased safety for the most demanding applications.

Two-piece ball valves are among the most commonly used ball valves.
As the name implies, a two-piece ball valve consists of two pieces, one with an end connection and the body.
The second piece fits into the first, holds the trim in place, and houses the second end connection.

Flanged ball valves provide effective control of oil and gas operations.
Their characteristic feature is the flanged ends that are bolted to the oil and gas piping.

Fire safe ball valves are designed to minimize fugitive emissions and downstream leakage when exposed to high temperatures during fires.
They differ from other industrial ball valves by remaining operable, or at least failing in a predictable manner, when exposed to high temperatures.

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KHD-FSB2D ball valve
ISO direct-mount

A direct mounting flange according to ISO 5211 is standard for these ball valves.
This feature allows an actuator to be mounted without the need for a mounting bracket and drive adapter.
This results in a significant cost reduction, a compact automated unit, and a higher level of safety for operators.

Flanged end ball valve
ANSI CLASS 150, ½" - 4" (DN15 ~ DN100)

Flanged end ball valve
ANSI CLASS 300, 1½" - 4" (DN40 ~ DN100)

PFA lined ball valve
ISO PN 16, 2½" - 4" (DN65 ~ DN100)

PFA lined ball valve
ISO PN 16, ½" - 4" (DN15 ~ DN100)


  • API 607 Fire Test or Soft Seated
    Quarter Turn Valves
  • Canadian Registration Number
  • ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU
    Explosive Prevention
  • Low Emmision Certificated
    TA-Luft 2002, Sec.
    VDI 2440 2000, Sec.
  • SIL3 Capable
    Please inquire


  • Design: ASME B16.34, BS 5351, DIN 3337
  • Face to face: ASME B16.10, EN 558 Series 14(DIN 3202-F4)
  • Flange dimension: ASME B16.5, DIN 2632/2633, DIN 2634/2635
  • Testing: API 607, ISO 10497, API 598, ISO 5209
  • Mounting pad: ISO 5211
  • Material: DIN EN 10204
  • Marking: MSS SP-25, ISO 5209
  • Others: MSS SP-72, BS 5351

Body Material

    DIN 1.4408. 1.4308, 1.0619

Pressure Rating

  • ANSI Class 150
  • ANSI Class 300
  • DIN PN16
  • DIN PN40 up to DN100
  • 150 psi (10 bar) with saturation steam

Temperature Range

  • -40°F to 350°F (-40°C to 180°C) with TFM 1600 seat
  • -4°F to 350°F (-20°C to 180°C) with RPTFE seat
  • -4°F to 350°F (-20°C to 180°C) with PTFE seat

End Connection

  • Flanged end

Locking Device

  • The locking device is ideal for applications where it is critical to keep the valve positions fixed without the risk of accidental operation. The metal piece fit accordingly to the opening on the actuator to lock on open and close position. In addition, padlock can be added with key to lock and secure the position.

Optional Material

  • Stainless Steel ASTM A351 Gr. CF3M, CF3
  • Monel 400
  • Low Temperature Carbon Steel ASTM A352 Gr. LCB
  • Alloy 20 ASTM A351 CN7M
  • Hastelloy ASTM A494 Gr. CW12MW

Optional Material of O-Ring

  • RPTFE 15%
  • Viton

Marine Application

  • Casting from Lloyd's or DNV approved foundry available upon request.

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