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KLINGER Die Erste (JV)

5F-1 No. 388,
Sec. 1, Changping Road,
Pingshun Village, Beitun District

Taichung City 406

+886 4 22328819 |

KLINGER Die Erste (JV)

1F, Building 5,
No.58, Xutang Road,
Songjiang District

Shanghai, 200001
P.R. China

The management team leading this joint venture consists of Klavs Knutzen (KLINGER Business Unit Director Service & Distribution), Aaron Tseng (Die Erste Managing Director), Peter Tseng (Die Erste Shanghai Managing Director) and Jenny Liu (Die Erste Sales Director).

Klavs Knutzen, Aaron Tseng, Peter Tseng and Jenny Liu
Klavs Knutzen, Aaron Tseng, Peter Tseng and Jenny Liu

Founded in 1982, Die Erste is a second-generation family run business started by Frank and Lisa Tseng in Taiwan. Currently run by their sons Aaron and Peter Tseng and Aaron’s spouse Jenny Liu, Die Erste has worked with KLINGER for 25 years. With over 5,000 valve and accessory products in its catalog, Die Erste has a proven track record of quality in its sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution processes. Direct involvement in foundry and supplier operations allows Die Erste to maintain consistency across projects. Personnel operate through an independently certified system of controls, maintaining standards that qualify Die Erste for a variety of international certificates.

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