Developed for filtering impurities in pipelines
Developed for filtering impurities in pipelines


Strainer can be defined as a pipe fitting through which liquid is passed for purification, filtering or separation from solid matter. Industrial strainers are used for coarse filtration in large pipelines. It comes with a wire mesh of various sizes, usually supported by a perforated sheet.

A strainer increases the permeability of the medium and increases the life of valves, it protects pumps, meters and other mechanical equipment.

In pipelines, strainers are used to shield downstream machineries such as condensers, cooling systems, pumps, compressors, meters, spray nozzles, generators, and steam traps from the adverse impact of sediments, corrosion, pipe scales, or other foreign debris.

Y type strainers are named because of their shape. They are used for coarse filtration or pre-filtration. Since it has a large filtration area, it can also be used with fine mesh.

Y type strainers are ideal for water, air, petroleum, steam and other fluids.

Y type strainers can be installed both vertically and horizontally, with the filter element facing down. The collecting material is located at the lowest point of the strainer. It also has a blow-off nozzle for automatic cleaning.

General Purpose

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