Maintenance-free, and the same life as the pipeline
Maintenance-free, and the same life as the pipeline

District Heating Valves

Excellent thermal resistance, long service life and performance that ensures efficiency.

A district heating network is a system that produces heat from a central location using gas, renewable energy or waste heat. Underground pipes then deliver hot water or steam to the heating and hot water systems in buildings in a closed loop. The water is returned to the plant to be heated and returned again and again.

KLINGER Die Erste District Heating Valves are designed to deliver highest possible energy efficiency, reliability and cost-effectiveness. These include a wide range of shutoff ball and butterfly valves, butterfly control valves, valves with long stem for underground installation, hot tapping and branching valves for expanding existing distribution piping networks, our portfolio is further complemented by customizable solution as required by each unique application.


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