Globe Valve – KAD-BLGB

Bolted Bonnet long cycle life bellow globe valves with non-rotating stem for steam and thermal oil applications.

A bellows sealed globe valve uses bellows for sealing the valve stem components.
It has a bellow inside, and the lower end of the stainless-steel bellows is welded to the stem to prevent the fluid from eroding the stem.
These valves are totally leakproof and can handle corrosive liquids.

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KAD-BLGB globe valve

Zero leakage bellow seal globe valve
DIN PN 16, ½" - 16" (DN15 ~ DN400)

Zero leakage bellow seal globe valve
DIN PN 40, ½" - 12" (DN15 ~ DN300)

Absolute zero leakage in fugitive emission

  • BLGB Series Bellow Globe Valves offers absolute zero leakage even in low fugitive requirement. It has enhanced out sealing capability when comparing with conventional globe valves. Multi-layer bellows are welded to the stem and to the bottom of bonnet, and forming a hermetic seal and barrier in between.
  • With stainless steel welded bellow structure, a metal seal is formed between media and outer environment, to ensure no leakage from stem and gland area, and thus, increases pipeline efficiency.
  • It is ideal pipeline control unit for steam and thermal oil applications with cast iron or cast steel body material, and toxic service applications with stainless steel body material.

Bellow Seal System

  • Bellow seal system reduces leakage from gland and relevant components. With its flexible structure and forming features, bellow system is able to systain high frequency operation and still maintain zero-leakage feature

Precision finished seat

  • KLINGER Die Erste offers HF (hard faced) seats with STELLITE with excellent abrasion resistance and jamming decrease as standard specifications. Seat surface roughness is finished 50 0.5s to prevent internal leakage.

Graphite Packing

  • Strong single piece shaft minimizes stem deflection, and allows bi-directional sealing effect with bubble tight leakage rating. Another feature of the stem is the blowout proof design, which improve the safety of operation.

Conical / Throttle Disc

  • According to working conditions, disc type can be changed from normal on-off disc, throttle conical disc, and single-discnone-return SDNR type for differnt demanding applications.

Cast body with integral flange

  • The valve body is constructed with high quality casting with integral flanges. Body strength can be assured to achieve its maximum capability on different pressure ratings.

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