Fully Welded Ball Valves

Space-saving, long service life, maintenance-free.

Fully Welded Ball Valves are made of high quality materials, suitable for many applications including district heating, cooling, HVAC and more.
30 years of effective service life, maintenance-free, and the same life as the pipeline.
End connections are 360o welded onto the body eliminating any possible leakage through the body.
These valves are lightweight and space-saving, and thanks to the self-lubricating bearing valves are basically maintenance-free.
With spring-loaded body seals, KHD-FW fully welded ball valves offer excellent tolerance for thermal expansion and bi-directional tightness to EN 12266-1 Rate A.
These valves further utilize multiple seal construction with three reliable seals with increase tightness.

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KHD-FW Fully Welded Ball Valves

Fully Welded Ball valves
DN 15 - DN 1400

Fully Welded Ball valves Features

  • Fully welded construction avoids leakage.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Easy to install and insulate.
  • Long service life, maintenance free.
  • Anti-blowout stem for safety.
  • Trunnion-mounted on larger size.
  • Multiple seal design ensures tightness.
  • Bi-directorial tight to EN12266-1: Rate A
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