Check Valve – KRD-DPC

Dual plate check valve with built-in retainer (no hole passing through the body) for a wide range of applications.

The dual plate check valve is one of the most compact check valves.
This valve design is the result of attempts to provide an alternative solution to the problems associated with swing check valves.
Compared to a conventional swing check valve, it is much stronger, lighter and smaller in size.
The two plates of the dual plate check valve are hinged vertically in the center, eliminating the effect of gravity in horizontal installations.
When fluid enters the valve, pressure opens the flaps, stretching the spring.
When the valve closes, the flow cushions the plates and seat, so the risk of slamming is negligible.

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KRD-DPC check valve

Cast Steel Dual-Plate Wafer Type Swing Check Valve
ISO CLASS 150, 2" - 66" (DN50 ~ DN1650)
ISO CLASS 300, 2" - 60" (DN50 ~ DN1500)
ISO CLASS 600, 2" - 48" (DN50 ~ DN1200)
ISO CLASS 900, 2" - 48" (DN50 ~ DN1200)
ISO CLASS 1500, 2" - 24" (DN50 ~ DN600)
ISO CLASS 2500, 2" - 24" (DN50 ~ DN600)
ISO CLASS 2500, 2" - 12" (DN50 ~ DN300)


  • Cast steel body construction providing liberal strength to meet most conditions
  • A choice of metal-to-metal or soft sealing
  • Full range of pressure class and sizes
  • Variety of body and disc materials
  • Savings in price and installation cost compared to coventional check valves

Temperature Range

  • Metal seat: -29°C to 450°C


  • Basic design to API 594
  • Face-to-Face acc. to API 594
  • Flange Dimensions acc. to ASME B16.5
  • Inspection & test according to API 598

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