Double offset butterfly valves ▪ metal seated
Double offset butterfly valves ▪ metal seated

Butterfly Valve – KKD-MS82

Double Offset Butterfly valves are well suited for applications where rubber lined butterfly valves cannot be used due to limited pressure and temperature range. These offer 100% bidirectional disc sealing with soft seats, while metal seat offers uni-directional sealing in high temperature applications. On request, the metal seat option can be made bi-directional to EN 12266-1 Class V.

A double offset butterfly valve has two offsets from the valve body’s center.
This creates a cam action of the disc in the seat, which reduces the torque required to operate the valve.
The double-offset butterfly valve is designed to be used in applications requiring greater resistance to the pressure.

In general, metal seats incorporate a metal-to-metal seal between the seats and ball of the valve assembly.
In general practice, metal seats can stand up to extreme flashing, hydraulic shock, abrasive process fluid, and high temperatures.
They are also ideal for high erosion or corrosion applications.

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KKD-MS82 butterfly valve

High performance double eccentric butterfly valve
ANSI Class 150/300, DIN PN 10/16/25/40
2" - 48" (DN50 ~ DN1200)


  • Anti-Blow-Out Stem: Hard-chrome plated rigid one-piece-stem design offering overall strength. Stem components are ISO 5211 compliant. Stem material and disc position are marked on the top of stem.
  • Gland Flange: Adjustable two-piece gland flange ensures even packing load.
  • Gland Packing: Five gland packing systems to suit different applications.
  • Self-Lubricant Bush: Bush in RPTFE+S.S.316L material reduces stem’s friction factor.
  • Valve Seat: Bi-directional zero leakage with soft seat. FCI 70-2 Class IV-V with wear-resistant metal seat. API 607 fire-tested with Fire-safe seat.
  • Valve Disc: Hard-chrome plated disc with streamlined design which lowers noise and turbulence.
  • Floating Retainer Ring: No-screw floating design provides positive tight shut-off of seat. Fastening this ring into internal tooth of valve body, the spring and lock pin will pop up and fix retainer ring and valve body in correct position. Surface roughness is 125-200AARH.
  • Valve Body: Compliance with API 609 & ASME B16.34.
  • Lock Pin and Spring: While Retainer Ring moves to locking position, the spring pops up and pushes pin locked in Retainer Ring.
  • Thrust Ring: Rigid S316L ring keeps stem in accurate position.


  • Design: API 609, ASME B16.34, MSS-SP-68
  • Face to face: API 609, ISO 5752, EN-558
  • Flange dimension: ASME B16.5, DIN 2632/2633, DIN 2634/2635
  • Connection: Wafer, Lug, Flanged
  • Fire-tested to API 607
  • Temperature: Metal seat -29°C ~ 260°C

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