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Self-lubricating, maintenance-free plug valves are perfect for chemical, refineries, desailination industries and more.

A sleeved plug valve is a non-lubricated valve that achieves sealing through the use of a compressible sleeve as a sealing member.
The inert PTFE sleeve completely surrounds the plug and provides a large, circumferential sealing surface from port to port.
There is no contact surface so the medium cannot cause damage.
PTFE has a self-lubricating effect and therefore requires no maintenance.
Sleeved plug valves are used for on/off and throttling service in demanding process applications.

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KPD-PVF plug valve

PTFE Sleeved Self-Lubricating Plug Valve
DIN PN 16, ½" - 4" (DN15 ~ DN100)
DIN PN 16, 5" - 16" (DN125 ~ DN400)
DIN PN 16, 18" (DN450)
DIN PN 16, 20" - 124" (DN500 ~ DN600)
DIN PN 40, ½" - 4" (DN15 ~ DN100)
DIN PN 40, 5" - 16" (DN125 ~ DN400)
DIN PN 40, 18" (DN450)
DIN PN 40, 20" - 124" (DN500 ~ DN600)


  • Bi-directional bubble-tight seal independent of line pressure.
  • Self-lubricating with little to no maintenance.
  • PTFE sleeve retained by special 3600 metal lip around the ports.
  • Free of cavity to entrap flow media.
  • In-line seal adjustable independent of shaft seal, even when mounted with actuator.
  • Suitable for use in petrochemical, chemical, mining industries.
  • Manual operation as standard, with ISO 5211 bracket for actuator mounting.
  • Available in flanged, butt-welding, and socket-welding connections.
  • Size range from DN 15~DN600.


  • Basic design and manufacture to API 599
  • Face to face acc. to EN 558
  • Flange end dimension to EN 1092-1
  • Pressure Test to EN 12266-1
  • Conformity to Directive 2014/68/EU

Also available

  • Inverted Lubricated Plug Valve
  • Jacketed Sleeved Plug Valve

Temperature Range

  • -10°C to 180°C (-14°F to 350°F)
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